Breville Elite Juice Fountain Review

Breville Juice Fountain Review: Buy Breville Juice Fountain OnlineIf you are looking for the best juicer that can help you prepare healthy and great-tasting smoothies at home, you have to read this Breville 800JEXL review. Unlike centrifugal juicers, its feeder tube is set in the center so it never goes out of balance even when grinding heavy loads of produce.

This makes the juicing process easier and eliminates the preparation time needed to cut vegetables and fruits before subjecting them to the feeder tube. With its amazing speed controls and stainless steel housing, it is undeniably one of the best additions to the modern kitchen.

Breville 800JEXL features and specifications

  • Stainless steel micro-mesh filter; titanium-plated cutting disks; die-cast steel casing
  • Three-inch feed tube can accommodate whole vegetables and fruits
  • 1000-watt juice extractor; two speed controls of 6,500 RPM and 13,000 RPM
  • Locking bolts in both sides of the juicer can move 1/4 inch in all directions for a snug fit within the locking arm
  • Includes a manual, a recipe book, a pulp container, and a pitcher for juicing; all parts are certified dishwasher-safe

What makes it stand out?

800JEXL is one of the most efficient juice extractors available in the market. Aside from having a thousand watts at its disposal, it also comes with an electronic motor that can pump up power while maintaining filter revolutions. It can also make it easier for you to prepare any smoothie of your choice because it has two speeds for grinding hard and soft fruits. Its circular, three-inch feed tube can also minimize feeding and preparation time, thus making sure that you have a glass of fresh vegetable or fruit juice in minutes.

Aside from being splendidly efficient, it also comes with a beautiful die-cast steel housing as well as a sleek motor body. This makes Breville 800JEXL seem like a work of art when left for display on the countertop. Its sophisticated yet ergonomic design can effortlessly handle large quantities of virtually any vegetable or fruit you prefer. When dealing with items with high water content such as watermelon and tomatoes, it automatically feeds them into the Feed Chute at faster rates so you will not need to worry about leaks or whatsoever.

This Breville 800JEXL review highly recommends this unit to those who wish to extract the juice of the hardest vegetables and fruits. It comes with two speed settings so you can easily select the option for 13,000 RPM every time you need to juice hard items such as carrots and apples. Three times faster than other machines used for extracting fruit juices, it can exert tremendous pressure when pressing fruit pulps against the micro-mesh filter. As one of the most efficient juicers in the market, its low-speed spins of 6,500 RPM are also as quiet as a whisper so you will never need to put up with noisy juice extractors again.

The verdict

The best juicers in the market will guarantee you with three things convenience, durability, and great design. 800JEXL does just that by allowing users to extract the juice out of whole vegetables and fruits without worrying about damaging its feed tube and titanium-plated cutting disks. It also comes in a sleek stainless steel design so you can be sure that it is much more durable than plastic juice extractors are. Finally, this Breville 800JEXL review gives this unit two thumbs up for its amazing ability to grind pulp into the smallest particles, thus creating the thickest and richest fruit shakes possible.