Kuvings NJ-3530U Multi-Purpose Masticating Juicer Review

Kuvings NJ 3530U Multi Purpose Masticating JuicerI. Product Description

Another great product released by Kuvings is the Kuvings NJ-3530U Multi- Purpose Masticating Juicer. From the name itself, it is a multi- purpose appliance that is why it will be a great addition to the kitchen. Its main purpose is for juicing. Since health is being a primary concern of more people today, juicers are getting more popular each day. This model from Kuvings will be able to extract high quality and nutritious juice from various types of fruits and vegetables.

II. Product Features

The design of the Kuvings NJ-3530U Multi- Purpose Masticating Juicer is quite unconventional as it has interesting color choices. The model comes in different color backdrops. The first one is white which is embellished with lime green fixtures and transparent purple tubes. Another one is much sleeker with a silver steel finish with accents of transparent purple. A white and blue combination option is also available for consumers to choose from. The size of this appliance is quite wide and it weighs 16.5 pounds too. The unit is easy to assemble. When cleaning, disassembling the parts is also uncomplicated.

A great feature of this product is the fact that this juicer uses a spiral screw method and microscopic extraction technology that will extract juice effectively from fruits and vegetables. This system has been approved by the FDA since it is proven to preserve full nutritional elements in the food juice. The taste is also of exceptional high quality. The motor used in this appliance is a 170 watt motor that produces slow revolutions. Low speed extraction is also proven beneficial to the nutrient value of juices. All of the enzymes, vitamins and minerals are not lost and the production of heat is minimized. With an average of just 80 revolutions per minute, juice extraction is very effective. The slow revolutions also warrant a more quiet operation. Other family members will not be disturbed from what they are doing. The motor also gives enough power for fibrous vegetables and grains too. Wheat grass, cabbage and kale are only a few of the options to choose from.

Since heat does not build up during the process, oxidation of different enzymes is also prevented making the juice suitable for longer storage periods. The masticating type of design with a spiral screw protects food from contamination. Juice from this appliance is always ready to drink. Since the NJ-3530U is a multi- purpose juicer, it is also capable of doing other tasks aside from juicing. Pasta can be extruded from this appliance. With the inclusion of 8 different nozzles, there are various patterns and shapes to choose from. Grinding of coffee beans is also possible with this model. Fresh coffee will also be a juicer away. Aside from that, herbs and spices can be minced too. This appliance is every housewife’s dream appliance as it can perform a lot of different tasks. People will definitely save money instead of buying a separate product that does each single task.

When the Kuvings NJ-3530U Multi- Purpose Masticating Juicer is purchased, the package will include a juice cup, a pulp container, a dust cover and a recipe book. The recipe book contains a lot of good juicing suggestions and there are also different recipes that use the other tasks that this appliance can perform. The cup capacity is only 600 ml so the juice must be poured to a different container for larger amounts of juicing projects. Because of the low-power usage, operation is also fairly quiet so getting a fresh cup of juice early in the morning won’t disturb anyone else. This item is a wonderful product that offers great features.