Kuvings NJ-9310U Centrifugal Juicer Review

I. Product Description

Kuvings NJ 9310U Centrifugal JuicerThe Kuvings NJ-9310U Centrifugal Juicer is an addition to the Kuvings line of centrifugal juicers available in the market today. Centrifugal juicers use high speed revolutions to separate the liquids from the dry pulp. Centrifugal juicers are the most common juice extractors in retail stores today but this model from Kuvings is definitely worth a second look. Juice from fruits and vegetables of different kinds will always be easy to make at home.

II. Product Specifications and Features

The design of the Kuvings NJ-9310U Centrifugal Juicer is unique as it is embellished by orange accents in the appliance’s body. Stainless steel parts are also visible. White is the general color of the exterior. It is a little bit wide compared to upright juicers but it is of smaller size compared to other centrifugal juicers.  The opening of the feeding chute is very wide compared to the feeding mouths of other juicers available. Having a larger opening in its cylindrical tube will allow easy and fast juicing. Whole fruits can go through easily and time is well spent since no time will be wasted on peeling and slicing fruits and vegetables to fit the chute.

This kitchen appliance is equipped with an energy saving motor that runs at 350 watts. This amount of power will be able to create an average of 11,000 revolutions per minute. The centrifugal force created by these revolutions will be responsible for juicing different types of fruits and vegetables, even those with tougher fibers. The 11,000 revolutions can also separate the juice from the pulp in such a short amount of time. That is an advantage of centrifugal juicers. But even if the speed is so fast, the juice extracted from the fruits and vegetables are still smooth and pulp free.

The efficiency of the Kuvings NJ-9310U Centrifugal Juicer does not only lie on the motor but also on its blades and the extracting basket. The blade in this unit is a stainless steel blade and the basket is also a stainless steel meshwork which is capable of extracting juice from the toughest fibers. These stainless steel components are able to grind and chew directly through the fruit’s peel and skin. This will also extract all nutrients and enzymes found on the skin of fruits and produce. A healthier and nutritious drink will be a juicer away. The use of a stainless steel blade and basket is also great for cleaning since pulp and other residue will not stick to these components. It maintains a hygienic juicing mechanism that assures a ready- to- drink juice in no time.

Due to the power of this model, it is possible of using it for a continuous juicing process for up to 50 cups of juice in a single setting. Clean ups will also be an easy task. The bowl is easily detachable for quick cleaning. When it is time to reassemble, simply put it back the way it was detached. It also has a safety locking system wherein the machine will not work unless all of the parts are locked and assembled into place. The pulp collected from the juicing process also does not go to waste. They can be used in composting, or dried up to create flavorings in soups or even in dough and pasta.

Because of the convenience in usage of the Kuvings NJ-9310U Centrifugal Juicer, it is definitely a juicer that is worth paying for. The price is also affordable so it is definitely a great find. Although the color orange might not attract other people, but this bright colored appliance will surely lighten up the kitchen and will lighten up the family’s health too.